Author Topic: ("Southeast Bus Nuts") 3rd annual "April In The Carolina's" EARLY BIRDS  (Read 1057 times)

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april 25-28th  is early birds

I have some additional information I wish to share and hope those busnuts planning to attend can contribute on this thread.

when you attend this rally, please wear your SEBN Identification Badge at all times and if you do not have any Identification you can wear we will have (ID stick on badges for you to wear). The main reason for this is so that those not knowing who you are can find you after looking at your (windshield Placard) who owns a particular bus. The reason for this is we want to encourage all attending this rally to bring bus items, hobby items, or anything you wish and can carry on your bus to participate in a week long flea market while at the bus rally.All sale items to be placed in front of each owners coach.

If you have made changes to your bus and have spare parts to sell or new stock items you changed your mind about using, bring them to sell. I encourage anyone coming to list some of the items you will bring to post them on this thread with your name so that perhaps those planning to come can shop ahead of time reading what items you will bring to sell. Also, maybe a special item you have may be what someone needs right now and can contact the owner through email and make a deal then and deliver at the rally. You may list prices if you list your items on this thread and this also may entice serious buyers to contact you before the rally to purchase a special deal they really need ahead of time. Listing the prices you want is not necessary but I know would interest me if I need something.

Anyone going to sell any items, please mark a price on your item that will be visible and questions about the price being asked will be answered without you having to be at your coach through the duration of the rally. Those being interested can take your name and look for you if you are not known personally by this time. This is only a suggestion, but a good way to make a spring cleaning of parts you do not need and can post on this thread that you have available for sale.

The Identification placard to place in your windshield can be downloaded and printed from the SEBN web site:
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